Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Kids may find this in a mason jar buried in the back yard.

Time in a Jar

We weren’t always together; we were kids once ourselves.
Rowdy raucous boy, quiet studious girl.
Her friends said stay away.
He said come on over here.
She didn’t listen; she listened.
He had a reputation; she said that’s not the attraction.
He said, what is?
She said, you kiss nicely.
He said, hmmm.
She said, they say you’re rough, I know you’re gentle.
He said I love you.
She said, I know.
He said, I’m not looking for anything.
She said, we’ll marry.
They kissed, they hugged, they married, they had kids -- time flew.
He said, we’re still here.
She said, what did you expect?