Monday, February 28, 2011

Murder, Race Cars, Racy Women, Tough Guys


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mollusks and Moonshine

It's an Oyster Roast Tonight
by GC

Gonna have us beaucoup
cold ones, and a snort of shine
for washing down
the roasted mollusks
and the chili
and the Nathan's hot dogs

I'm goin' out
in a few minutes
to string the lights
set up the
sawhorse tables
and get the cooker fired up

We'll have a hundred folks or so
all gathered round
a bonfire
we'll tip our bottles back
to celebrate no need to go
out on the town

Friday, February 25, 2011

What lurks


Doors open up for you or me
to simply walk on through
and what is found behind those doors
might delight or frighten both of us
but either way we cannot know
until, unless, we take the walk to find
what waits beyond closed doors.

It is a mess, humanity, that bunches
up behind those doors, babbling,
incoherencies that reach most ears
as shouts, debates, loud arguments,
that may not (or may) make sense.
Stuff that comes from everywhere
and nowhere so that confusion rules.

Can one think ceaseless babble
could ever bear worthwhile fruit?
Perhaps so as progress buried is later found
amidst the dross and though we're most often
caught behind locked doors, assaulted by the din,
there are those precious times when despite confusion
the wise prevail and man's best work gets done.

Monday, February 14, 2011

<------ << St. Valentine >>------>

Time Flies
by GC

I'd be a liar
if I told her
she was never
than she is
and we'd both
know it

We've been together
for fifty one years now
married for forty nine,
a lot of water
has spilled
over the dam
in intervening years

I'd tell the truth
if I told her
that I never loved
her more
than I do today
and we'd both know
that is
no lie

The kids
are grown and gone
and we
share the fruits
of our time together;
there is no way
that we
could have it

So, as I think
about our time
I reconsider
and I know
for certain sure
that she
was never lovelier
than she is today
and that is
simple truth

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Humid clime


dis ol' boy he hearin' wimmen tawkin' 'bout sumtin' they callin' flash fiction, an' dat get him confuse. dey tourist wimmen, come out onna de porch of the general store carry'n' dey co'colas an' tawkin' high falutin'. Dey be sayin...' stuff dis boy ain't never hear befo'. I ask 'em, me, wat dey be talkin' 'bout. Dey say, lit-rature. a writin' style, dey say, kndna snotty like. me, I doan care no mo' ta unnerstan' what dey be talkin' an tellin' me 'bout so, i ain' lissnen' no mo'. Dat flash fiction soun' like showin' a pecker. flash fiction jess nonesense anyhow, i tink. so, i sip a lil' bit o' whiskey, me, an' i turn to think about sumpin' other than dat flash fiction stuff them wimmen be talkin'. i tink 'bout old times in la. what i maybee unnerstan, some, maybee.

n'orleans. spanish moss. catholics. st louis cathedral. artist stalls. mardigras. octoroon ball. tipitino's. coco & ialya. two sisters. k-paul. martini gazpacho. etouffee. cafe de monde. galatoire's. doctor john. tchoupitoulas. antoine's. fevre dream.

preservation hall. dixieland. barker at the door. marchin' saints. marie le-veau. nevilles chants. voodoo. tombs on top. bignet. hurricanes at pat's. whitey's pool rooom. earl long. blaze in dishabille. sweet honey dripper. fiyo. big easy.

salt smells. crawdad gumbo sno-cones. roe shrimp. file powder. tur-duk-en. deep fryd. cotton bolls. sugar cane. cottonmouth swimmin'. mississippi. paddle wheeler. atchafalya. spillway gate. pontchartrain. bayou. cajun folk. dancin'.

cypress knees. antebellum. cherry lips an' a flutterin' eyes. creole lady. cajun queen. flirty-girly. thibadioux. terrebonne. beaux bridge. mulate's. zydaco. mama got a squeeze box. cajun fiddle. new roads. false rivere.

fish pole. pirogue. parish. huey long. river road. feliciana. redbone. armadillo. carville. leprosarium. angola. convicts. road gang. shadows on the teche. evangeline. tabasco. salt domes. jambalaya. cookin' pot. squirrel stew.

roseate spoonbill inna salt flat. duck flight. fish warden. lafitte skiff. mud flat fingers inna delta. gulf waters. oil rig. alligator. nutria. ducks in vee. pump shotgun. cast net. fishpole. buck knife. cold jax beer. liv'n off de lan'.

lassier les bon temps roule. louisiana. magic. wonderland.

flash fiction? doan know 'bout dat. i ain' hearin' no more o' dat stuff, me.