Sunday, February 24, 2008

Winter's Almost Gone

A Line From Lisa*

"Ahhh the dripping"
as winter's snows
trecally receed
drop by drip
by drop

Foul, torturish
the landscape
while we wait

leaves us longing
for spring's
verdant breakthrough

* first line swiped from a Lisa Chilar poem.

The poem was written from snowy Catonsville Maryland not sunny Beaufort SC.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Winter's Leavin'

Lowcountry Renewal

Drop the boat from the lift
spring's sprung forth again
it's time for some frolicin'
on coastal estuarine rivers

Fish are back to jumpin'
shrimp will soon runnin'
sookies* plump now with roe
the lowcountry bounty abounds

There's a balm to the air
dang, I bet you wish to be here
where the livin' is easy
and folks are naturally high

Sky's a bright Carolina blue
delights me through and through
'cause our winter's are short
springtime flowers do peek-a-boo

The yellows are brilliant
and reds dot the landscape
a green grass carpet spreads
birds chirp newfound joy

Spring's sprung forth again
it's time now to play
in the warmth and brilliance
of each post winter day

* sookie: a female blue crab

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Of time and tide


Tide comes up
twice each day
twice as well
ebb follows flow

Relentless moon
waxes, wanes
shines forth full
recedes to sliver crescent

And us, yes, we follow,
the unchanging cycle;
our lives expand, contract
‘til day is done

Ours is a short visit
a flow before the ebb
to wax, to wane
on borrowed time

Monday, February 4, 2008

A poet Lariat


I’d love to be a poet lariat
I’d lasso maverick words
I’d brand them as my own

I'd move loose word confusion
to a tight trail herd of verse,
poetic form my quarter horse

I’d drive longhorn words
from dusty dictionaries:
I’d bunch ‘em up to strophs

Stray words would not cut loose
I’d push my herd with rhythm
I’d drive them home with meter

No free verse would stampede
words driven on my roundup,
I’d corrall them all with rhyme

I’d love to be a poet lariat
I’d lasso maverick words
I’d brand them as my own

Sunday, February 3, 2008

We ain't Brits

Mergin’ Bits

It's only the uptight Brits who have naughty bits
We ‘merkin guys get by with straight forward dicks,
the gals, they have other bits --like for instance --tits

We like the pretty gals’ sweet sexy bits
and they love our fun bit stiff like a stick
an’ both guys & gals like coming close for bedtime tricks

When ‘merkin guys take lovely gals to bed
we don’t think them as even one bit naughty,
if perhaps they deign to give a bit of head

In fact, we think those gals are fine,
better, by far, than any vintage wine;
they’re not naughty, oh no not a bit

So gals/guys you can for certain bet
what we love to give and we love to get
is great good fun, it is no way a naughty bit


I Got The Word
By GC SMITH (100 words)

She said that we were going to be married. I said okay. What the hell else can a guy say but yes when the lady doing the saying is beautiful and he's horny? She was and is bright as well, but at the time I thought she was pretty damn dumb proposing to me. I, after all, didn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out. I was a week out of college and I did have a job, $4,040 a year and prospects. So, I guess she saw something. Who was I to argue?