Sunday, February 3, 2008

We ain't Brits

Mergin’ Bits

It's only the uptight Brits who have naughty bits
We ‘merkin guys get by with straight forward dicks,
the gals, they have other bits --like for instance --tits

We like the pretty gals’ sweet sexy bits
and they love our fun bit stiff like a stick
an’ both guys & gals like coming close for bedtime tricks

When ‘merkin guys take lovely gals to bed
we don’t think them as even one bit naughty,
if perhaps they deign to give a bit of head

In fact, we think those gals are fine,
better, by far, than any vintage wine;
they’re not naughty, oh no not a bit

So gals/guys you can for certain bet
what we love to give and we love to get
is great good fun, it is no way a naughty bit

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