Tuesday, March 22, 2011


You Ran Back To Momma
by GC

Now that you're gone
I get to
drink all the beer

Now that you're gone
I get to
laze in mt sweats

Now that you're gone
I get to
fart when I please

Now that you're gone
I get to
leave the seat up

Buck Owens said it best
"thank God and Greyhound
you're gone."

Saturday, March 19, 2011


by GC

I fear the flush
it might pass me away
like a turd in a vortex
on it's way

I fear the flush
it might pass me away
it's my atavistic copralithic

I fear the flush
it might pass me away
so I make it a point
to poo in the woods, Like a bear


by GC

is the color
I remember
of the last
perigee moon

Light shone
down upon our earth
like a stage spot
highlighting, emphasizing,
madness run amok

danced and howled
that night
I suppose
they will again tonight

Sane folk may sing,
"by the light of the silvery moon,"
but know, it's a platinum shine
(hard, brittle, piercing)
infecting the susceptible

Friday, March 18, 2011

I won't go on forever.


Someday I'm gonna move on and I won't want an eulogy.
But an epitaph might be nice.

No Eulogy -- Epitaph

After a morning martini
in the Bonaventure cemetery,
Savannah, Georgia
near Johnny Mercer's gravesite
I saw an other guy's epitaph

Engraved on
the man's tombstone:


Those words certainly appeal
but damn all they've been taken
so I'll simply settle for
the plain and more mundane


He Came; He Went
He Did No Harm

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trippin' the light...

How To Dance With A Bad Dancer
by GC


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who we are

Nothing ventured, ...
by GC

We enter life bare assed
with nothing but a name
it's something worth protecting
it's nothing to defame

A deal is a deal
we seal it with our name
and never should we double cross
or life's worse than a zero-sum game

Let 'em know upfront
that you can do the deal
or if by chance you can't do it
let 'em know you won't

We don't have much of value
but out names are treasure chests
and if we're careful how we use them
we'll find that route is best

It's trust not wealth or fame
that you want attached to your name
you can earn that trust
if you eschew a decietful game

So use you name most carefully
always do what you say you'll will
dont trim when doing a deal
'cause your good name is your seal

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Lowcountry SC Threads
By GC Smith

Clothes that I wear
are to cover my skin
they sure ain’t for
makin’ a statement

They’re old and worn
like my Tilley hat
that gives me the mien
of a poacher

Ripped old khaki shorts,
beer slogan tee shirts
and holey deck shoes
make up the rest of my stuff

Though my threads ain’t fine
i drink good red wine
with crabs, fish, and shrimp
that i catch and i cook

I tell giant tall tales
bout fish big as whales
that i hooked and
i ate yesterday

Ain’t no need for a suit
and no need for a tie
to tell tales with good friends
who lie just as good as i do

Saturday, March 12, 2011

They're back

Circles and Cycles
by GC

Each fall
fish eagles
fly off
to winter
in Brazil

Come spring
Osperys return
to refill
empty nests
with babies

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Summer Gal

The Fire
By GC Smith

"caliente ...ohhhhh...laaaaa..."

My fire burns
consuming all
and she is hot
my summer gal
au natural

wantin' all
but she cannot know
if my flame is more than show
or if I might stay long with her
enamoured with her vigor

But, chill comes on
with winter moon
a harsh wind
freezes and forstalls

It chills out all summer’s fire
banking flames
causing a hiatus
in touch
til chill is done

Starved now for warmth
near dead
when suddenly
daffodil poke up
yellow blossom cheering
telling what will come
teasing, playing
lost touches

know now she is hot
fingers caress enflamed skin
summer's come again
time for fun
and sin

we are consumed

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's how I live

by GC

How can I have
when I live in

Morning light reveals
the saltmarsh
high tide or low tide
always facinating

Sundowns are spetacular
winter evenings painting
Maxwell Parrish hues
on western skies

over silvery fry
when abundance indicates
no need for squabbles

Osprey soar the skies
fish firmly gripped
in talons,
dinner for fledglings

Otter and mink
frolick in marshtide
rabbit, raccoon, and even rat
make home in the tidelands

Terra firma has majestic live oak,
spanish moss, loblolly pine
all manner of flora
and critters, lots of critters

Snakes slither
lizards scurry
tending their work
controlling vermin and insects

The deer were here
before we came
so annoying or not
it is also their home

I paid some dues
before I got here
a bureaucrat from age 21 to 55
dealing with, putting up with, politicians/idiots

All that has changed
with moving to the Lowcountry
where I live as I please
one day at a time

Now, how can I have
when I live in

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Late at Night
by GC

Late at night
when all should be quiet
I wake up to
rain strained kidneys

Late at night
when all should be quiet
my lover snores
like an unmuffled diesel engine

Late at night
when all should be quiet
a raccoon tips
the garbage can

Late at night
when all should be quiet
two herons horsely croak
while squabbling out in the marsh

Late at night
when all should be quiet
I wake up --get up
and curse the din

Monday, March 7, 2011

lil' extra

by GC

Sweet cinnamon rolls
buttermilk biscuits
lard gravy
boudin sausage
chicken livers
fried sac-o-lait fillets
free range eggs
streaky bacon
I'll have 'em all
for breakfast
mos' o'
two weeks runnin'
if you'll give me
a baker's dozen

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Rollin' Foundation
by GC

The house is
rockin', rickety-rack,
whole thing's sufferin'
a termite attack

It might fall down
it mght colapse
so I'm gonna get me
a set of wheels

Rollin' wheels under
a class A mobile home
cause bugs, they won't eat
rubber and steel

Gonna get me a home
with which to roam
that'll be my treat
that the critters can't eat

Gonna hit the road
just like John and Charlie
with my bug proof home
and my wanderlust

I won't come back
i'll keep keeping on
travlin' life's highways
and all the side road byways


Monty Python
By GC Smith

A python known simply as Monty
Thought his ecdysiast mistress tres naughty
So he wrapped her in whorls
Squeezed from toes to her curls
And then swallowed her whole
That’s full Monty

Saturday, March 5, 2011


by GC

Damn hammer.