Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's how I live

by GC

How can I have
when I live in

Morning light reveals
the saltmarsh
high tide or low tide
always facinating

Sundowns are spetacular
winter evenings painting
Maxwell Parrish hues
on western skies

over silvery fry
when abundance indicates
no need for squabbles

Osprey soar the skies
fish firmly gripped
in talons,
dinner for fledglings

Otter and mink
frolick in marshtide
rabbit, raccoon, and even rat
make home in the tidelands

Terra firma has majestic live oak,
spanish moss, loblolly pine
all manner of flora
and critters, lots of critters

Snakes slither
lizards scurry
tending their work
controlling vermin and insects

The deer were here
before we came
so annoying or not
it is also their home

I paid some dues
before I got here
a bureaucrat from age 21 to 55
dealing with, putting up with, politicians/idiots

All that has changed
with moving to the Lowcountry
where I live as I please
one day at a time

Now, how can I have
when I live in

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