Sunday, October 19, 2014

Of Time and Tide

Hurtling Cycles
By GC 

Marshland grasses brown as winter approaches. Waters cool. Shrimp, crabs, fingerling fish abandon flats for deeper warmer water. Summer birds have flown replaced by wood duck, bufflehead merganser, canvasback, and green teal. Pelicans dive bomb tidal creeks.

But now, again, pale nascent greening
harbinger of the eternal cycle
hints of spring's return

Ducks flee northward as temperatures inch upward and as crane, heron, ibis, egret come on home. Sea life finds shallows once more. Otters frolic in warming currents. Raccoon babies investigate this new world. Cotton mouth, coral, rattlesnake, indigo, hog-nose, garter snakes slither.

Seventy-five years cycled, gone
passed on like scudding cloud wisps
cycles may slow now, hopefully