Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Flogging the Feathery

Steel, titanium, carbon fiber sticks
none have the satisfying clicks
of my old persimmon woody woods

Driver, three wood, five wood
don't match the poetics of the old
Play Wood, Brassie, and Spoon

We need the old names and old ways
for that wonderful walk in the afternoon; 
that commune with the Gods we call Golf

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Losing it

The Fallacy of Aphorism

It's said that most women
who go mad 
go mad in kitchens,
but me, I dunno about that

Now, I haven't
taken a poll nor have I
conducted a survey
and I'm not Doctor Kinsey

But I'd think
more women 
who go mad
go mad in bedrooms

Coupled with
fumble fingered
short tongued guys
those women's essence is certainly missed

Kitchen madness --I think a rarity
bedroom madness --I think so commonplace
in bedrooms getting to essense is essential
where a kitchen needs just pots and pans

I'm near certain a woman for whom
the essence of her essence is missed
must, without doubt, go mad, whereas 
feigned kitchen madness might be simply revenge