Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh yeah!

Impulse of the day
by GC

upon awakening
I realized
my heart still

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


by GC

Dumb as a rock
never knows what he wants
nor how to get there
should he garner a clue

Dumb as a rock
he's neither here nor there
but stuck somewhere between
a hardplace and a stone

Dumb as a rock
he screwed up again
putting left on the right
leaving right far behind

Dumb as a rock
never prepared
he takes life as it comes
and it frequently goes

He'll not get ahead
'cause his head's up his ...
stuck there in darkness
not to see light of day

Monday, January 17, 2011

Damn Chicken's Back

by GC

and 'shrooms
in a red sauce,
a spicy repast,
and that last
series of
brought it
all back

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gone awry

It's dark in here
by GC

Somewhere, some how
we got it wrong

Two point four million
schizophrenics wander the streets

They fear the voices
they fear their urges

They're alone,
compelled to darkest deeds

We go about our daily routines
ignoring anguished cries from city streets

Then, horror of horrors
bullets fly – innocents die

Where are we as a Nation
have we abandoned rationality

We should be a society bathed in light
but, it sure is dark in here

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Bad Latitudinal Attitude
by GC

Colder than
brass monkeys;
witches tits;
the fringe around
a polar bear's bottom

Shakin' like an Aspen
in the Colorado rockies;
shakin' like a pup
a peach pit

this ain't the South
I bargained for,
no siree, it ain't
an' I ain't

Some of the people, some of ....

by GC

Who, if not me
is the one to be
the leader of the pack
the brains behind the deal
the guiding hand upon the wheel

Who, if not he
is who you all see
as an ego big as a house
with brain small as a mouse
that leads him to believe himself

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Other Self

Who Is Me
By Bruno *

The woods are my domain
where I cavort and gambol
on spring and summer days
that’s me, my other self

Looking for the honey pot
takes up my waking hours
and when I find the honey
I sure enjoy myself

That other me, the bear
stakes out his territory
leaving little lumps behind
signature of who I be

When winter’s winds
chill this fuzzy bear
i burrow into my den
other self snug and warm

Then it’s deep loud snores
all the chill winter through
till spring comes once again
to release my other self

* aka: Jerry, GC, Gerard C

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Barely Poetry

Because I'm a Bear In a Person Suit
by GC

I'm procribed from shitting the woods
which is something that the Pope can do
but not proper for a well mannered bear

I'm not allowed to slurp away at the honey
or tear into raw fish flesh or blood red meat
Must I use Emily Post manners and dab with a linen napkin

I cannot burp or fart at will
I must lock me in with porclean fixtures
and wipe, and flush, and wash my paws

And when it comes to women folk
well, rutting, simply is not done
so I don't know how I'll get me some

I don't know about this proper life
why I must have sissy citified manners
'cause person suit ot not I'm still a bear