Monday, December 20, 2010

New Kindle, IiPad, Nook?

So you got a Kindle (or iPad) for Christmas?

Now that you have a new toy to play with, you'll want to start downloading some good books to read. Well, here are some great deals on books you won't want to miss! List compiled by Don Capone.

Tom Saunders's wonderful novel, Inappropriate Happiness. Only 99¢! Read my review here.

Pamela Erens's The Understory. $7.99! Winner of the Ironweed Press Fiction Prize; A Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalist; Finalist, William Saroyan International Prize for Writing.

If skullduggery and murder in the world of NASCAR sounds appealing to you, check out GC Smith's White Lightning. $5.00!

If you like short stories, Tom Saunders has two collections that I highly recommend, Roof Whirl Away and Brother, What Strange Place Is This? Only 99¢ each!

Cliff Garstang's award-winning collection of linked stories, In an Uncharted Country, Only $3.99. Winner of the IPPY Gold Medal for Mid-Atlantic--Best Regional Fiction 2010.

Mary Akers's award-winning collection of short stories, Women Up On Blocks, Only $3.99. Winner of the IPPY Gold Medal for Short Story Fiction 2010.

If you like lively, sexy, and funny fiction, then the irrepressible Susan DiPlacido is right up your alley. She has three recent, highly received novels: Lady Luck, only $2.50; House Money, only $3.99; and Shuffle Up and Deal, only $2.50! She also has a wonderful collection of award-winning short stories titled American Cool, for only $2.50.

Finally (and of course), I'm not opposed to plugging my own stuff. If you want some comedy on your Kindle, check out my novel, Into the Sunset, Only 99¢!

If you like time travel, check out my novella, The Chambliss Tapes. 99¢!

Then there is my collection of short stories, Stories From Sunset Hill. Only $1.00!

Tis the season ...

The Mistletoe

Though a simple
parasitic plant
the mistletoe
commands attention
in the mythos of mankind

One could read
to learn
of mistletoe and
of its powers

Symbol of
the essence of
the mistletoe

Paired branches,
paired leaves,
berries gushing
viscous fluid
complete fertility images

Magic Roots in Donegal
By GC Smith

With roots in county Donegal
my heart pumps Druid’s blood
and calls for all the wonderment
my forest pagan Gods can know

The oak provides the magic
that nurtures mistletoe
atmospheric healing plant
from heaven through the Gods

Celestial plant the mistletoe
harvest with a golden sickle
reveals its wondrous powers
are much better than Viagra

Mistletoe the master key
gathered in the full moon
under sign of Sagittarius
opens all of nature’s locks

So dye your earthly flesh blue
dance naked before the fire
fondle firm young woman flesh
beneath the magic mistletoe

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas

Looking for a last minute Christmas present or just a book for yourself. click for WHITE LIGHTNING by GC Smith.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Book review at Neon Fiction, click here, and scroll down a bit.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sippin' an' readin'

by GC

I got me a mason jar filled
with corn likker, the good stuff,
smooth, but with a kick

Been buyin' that stuff
sans the tax stamp
for neigh on fifty years

Sometimes I see the Sheriff
down there in the hollow
he ain't crackin' down, he's buyin'

Gonna be a sad day
when the Revnooer finds the still
an' takes an ax to that ambrosia

Then there'll be no corn likker
to smooth out the night while you're a sittin'
and a readin' WHITE LIGHTNING

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Layin' down, playin' dead.

If at first...
by GC

So, in the end one tires of trying
so one kicks back and simply gives up,
which is about when things start to happen
because, life, you know, she's a funny old possum



My Buds
an' me, by golly, we're
big, tough lumberjacks

Eight diseased
water oaks felled
limbs cleared, logs stacked

Huge oak logs
sectioned with a
28" chainsaw

Sections wrestled
to the hydraulic splitter
and quartered

Quartered pieces
split for firewood
stacked in trailers

Four cords
sawn and split
was Saturday's work

Wood delivered
thousand bucks pocketed;
we'll buy 100 clubhouse chairs

Gathered last night at the clubhouse
watched USC/Clemson football
drank a thousand beers

'cause we are
the lumberjacks who work all day
and then, by gol, comes night we play