Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis the season ...

The Mistletoe

Though a simple
parasitic plant
the mistletoe
commands attention
in the mythos of mankind

One could read
to learn
of mistletoe and
of its powers

Symbol of
the essence of
the mistletoe

Paired branches,
paired leaves,
berries gushing
viscous fluid
complete fertility images

Magic Roots in Donegal
By GC Smith

With roots in county Donegal
my heart pumps Druid’s blood
and calls for all the wonderment
my forest pagan Gods can know

The oak provides the magic
that nurtures mistletoe
atmospheric healing plant
from heaven through the Gods

Celestial plant the mistletoe
harvest with a golden sickle
reveals its wondrous powers
are much better than Viagra

Mistletoe the master key
gathered in the full moon
under sign of Sagittarius
opens all of nature’s locks

So dye your earthly flesh blue
dance naked before the fire
fondle firm young woman flesh
beneath the magic mistletoe

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