Thursday, March 10, 2011

Summer Gal

The Fire
By GC Smith

"caliente ...ohhhhh...laaaaa..."

My fire burns
consuming all
and she is hot
my summer gal
au natural

wantin' all
but she cannot know
if my flame is more than show
or if I might stay long with her
enamoured with her vigor

But, chill comes on
with winter moon
a harsh wind
freezes and forstalls

It chills out all summer’s fire
banking flames
causing a hiatus
in touch
til chill is done

Starved now for warmth
near dead
when suddenly
daffodil poke up
yellow blossom cheering
telling what will come
teasing, playing
lost touches

know now she is hot
fingers caress enflamed skin
summer's come again
time for fun
and sin

we are consumed

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