Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who we are

Nothing ventured, ...
by GC

We enter life bare assed
with nothing but a name
it's something worth protecting
it's nothing to defame

A deal is a deal
we seal it with our name
and never should we double cross
or life's worse than a zero-sum game

Let 'em know upfront
that you can do the deal
or if by chance you can't do it
let 'em know you won't

We don't have much of value
but out names are treasure chests
and if we're careful how we use them
we'll find that route is best

It's trust not wealth or fame
that you want attached to your name
you can earn that trust
if you eschew a decietful game

So use you name most carefully
always do what you say you'll will
dont trim when doing a deal
'cause your good name is your seal

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