Friday, February 22, 2008

Winter's Leavin'

Lowcountry Renewal

Drop the boat from the lift
spring's sprung forth again
it's time for some frolicin'
on coastal estuarine rivers

Fish are back to jumpin'
shrimp will soon runnin'
sookies* plump now with roe
the lowcountry bounty abounds

There's a balm to the air
dang, I bet you wish to be here
where the livin' is easy
and folks are naturally high

Sky's a bright Carolina blue
delights me through and through
'cause our winter's are short
springtime flowers do peek-a-boo

The yellows are brilliant
and reds dot the landscape
a green grass carpet spreads
birds chirp newfound joy

Spring's sprung forth again
it's time now to play
in the warmth and brilliance
of each post winter day

* sookie: a female blue crab

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