Sunday, August 10, 2008


The Beat Went On

Jaffey asked the question
that I've pondered for years
How does one fall off a mountain?

Jack wrote his stuff on toilet paper
stream of conscious not unlike diarrhea
his reader's judged it copralithic or not

Neal brought the drugs and booze
drove the car from coast to coast and back
the breakdowns were both mechanical and mental

None of that mattered much
'cause Lawrence illuminated the Beats
under the glow of shining City Lights


phoebe kate said...

Lawd almighty, I haven't heard the word beatnik since the early 60s before the word hippie came along and displaced it from the lexicon. Thanks for bringing back some old memories...

GC SMITH said...

I'm an old guy. Short term memory is gone but long term is still strong.