Saturday, October 24, 2009

Of Time and Tide

Someday, When Day is Done

Pour the good whiskey,
tap a barrel of beer,
lay out a spread of
baked meats and breads

Shove my box in a corner,
dance on until dawn;
know I'm doing fine
as I wander the cosmos

Listen to old boy's stories
and tell some of your own;
there no baloney to make up
'cause we did it together

Relax dear and enjoy
this gathering of folk
here ‘cause they're friends
who came for a last word

I've lived me a full life
but now day is done,
don't give way to sadness
remember all that we had

The kids that we raised,
the houses that we built
the time spent together
both at work and at play

Take out our sea skiff
and scatter my ashes
in the estuarine marshes
that I loved so much

I've lived and I've loved.
I've enjoyed every day.
so please go on forward,
just remember our fun

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