Sunday, February 28, 2010

There ain't no

Devils and …

Priests andpreachers
claim to know
what I should do
which row to hoe

They use a book
written by men
to claim knowledge
of a divine will

They describe Gods
shout about Devils
preach fire and brimstone
and pearly gates

Why claim faith
when there is no reason
when Priests and Preachers
may be the Devils

Life is mystery
ginned up answers
don't illuminate

What I don't know
won't hurt me
what might hurt
is that thing called faith

Now I don't say
there are no good rules
but don't tell me
they're not our own

Gods, Devils
Bugaboos, Hoodoos
believe if you wish
but don’t include me

Live your life
I’ll live mine
pray or don’t
to each his own

I don’t remember
before I was
I won’t remember
being gone

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