Sunday, May 30, 2010

On the road


Steel belts hummin’ on a back byway
Getting’ out o’ town, getting’ away
Leavin’ that gal and her snot nose kid
Going, going, -- gone

Old Ranchero full of whiskey dings
Bumper fell off and the lights are askew
But that pick-up’s motor still runs strong
Going, going, -- gone

Ain’t comin’ back, there ain’t no way
Gonna stay out on the asphalt way
Maybe take me down to Mexico
Going, going, -- gone

Honey on the highway her thumb stuck out
I just dunno, she could-might be jail bait
Keep the pedal to the metal, pass her by
Keep on going, going, --gone

Get where I’m going I’ll set a bit
Find me a dark hair gal with a ready smile
Long as she don’t have a snot nose kid
I’ll not be going, I’ll stay a while

Yeah, I’ll stay there while life is good
And there’s ease for me in that neighborhood
But when things change, when life goes sour
I’ll be going, going, -- gone

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