Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

In Memorium

He was a plain spoken man, not a lot of education, very little money, influential only in a limited and immediate but most important way.

He wasn’t a mover and a shaker, he didn’t hold high office, his wasn’t vast power.

He went to work every day, he provided, he came home each evening to wife and children.

His was a wisdom, uncommon wisdom and uncommonly good. He took care of the important things. He was a moral compass. Steadfast honesty, fairness, decency, the hallmarks of his being, were as natural to the man as walking.

I knew him well.
I knew him from the time of my birth.
I knew him until he left this earth three decades ago.

His name was Charlie.
A plain spoken man.

My friend.
My mentor.
My Dad.

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