Sunday, April 3, 2011


Water, water every...
by GC

Spring of seventy two
water three feet into
the second story of
Mom and Dad’s place
made a real mess

The remmnants of
hurricane Agnes stalled
in New York State melted
mountain snow filled
the Susquehanna, flooded valleys

Furniture was tossed
to the curb, floors
warped and buckled,
walls had to be torn out
-- mother nature erased lifetimes

When Dad came back
to rescue Kim the cat,
he surveyed the scene and
muttered that he came in to the world
bare assed, he was going out the same way


Diana Ferraro said...

Hi Jerry! I should visit your blog more often, so many poems, your always warm and reassuring voice. I particularly liked this one. Sober, neat and so moving!

GC SMITH said...

Thanks Diana, good hearing from you.