Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ashes to ...

I think this is a hoot.

“In 1828 A man sat alone in a hofbrauhaus in Vienna, Austria. He drank for many hours and satiated, stumbled from the place. He staggered into a graveyard and fell down on a grave, his ear pressed to the ground. And he heard wonderful music. Not sure what was going on he sobered some and got up and read the headstone.

It read:


Both amazed and somewhat confused he went to hid friend the Mayor’s home and told the story.

The Mayor returned with the man to the graveyard. Sure enough he also heard the music. But neither could identify it. So the went to a musicologist who listened and said it’s Beethoven’s ninth, but backwards. The musicologist was fascinated and got colleagues to come and listen, They all agreed but cited different symphonies being played backward. The seventh. The fifth. The second.

And then the cemetery caretaker showed up, “What are you people doing, he asked? You’re damaging the hallowed grounds, you’re littering, you’re trampling the grasses.

They explained. He said, but of course. I knew about that.

They asked, but the symphonies are backward.

“Of course,” said the caretaker. “He’s decomposing.””


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