Sunday, March 4, 2012

Where to go


Doors open up for you or me
to simply walk on through
and what is found behind those doors
might delight or frighten both of us
but either way we cannot know
until, unless, we take the walk to find
what waits beyond closed doors.

It is a mess, humanity, that bunches
up behind those doors, babbling,
incoherencies that reach most ears
as shouts, debates, loud arguments,
that may not(or may)make sense.
Stuff that comes from everywhere
and nowhere so that confusion rules.

Can one think ceaseless babble
could ever bear worthwhile fruit?
Perhaps so as progress buried is later found
amidst the dross and though we're most often
caught behind locked doors, assaulted by the din,
there are those precious times when despite confusion the wise prevail and man's best work gets done.

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