Monday, June 15, 2015

Live it!

It's A Hungry Life

Life can be a rib eye steak,
bloody red and waiting
to be devoured by a
gluttonous world

Life can be a petit four,
pink and white, sugar coated,
ever ready to assuage
a hungry world

Life can be a Hershey kiss,
brightly wrapped in foil,
waiting to be tasted
to be savored

Life can be moonshine whiskey,
distilled through an old auto radiator;
fiery raw and poisonous,
tearing guts, blinding us.

Life can be a jug
of heavy cream
to sooth the wild beasts
who roam our worlds

That's life, the good and the bad of it,
the smooth and the rough of it,
the tranquil and the wild of it;
life, she's a funny old possum

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