Sunday, March 30, 2008

Love Jones


I'm a bear of little bitty brain
who's not much given to obsession
but that you see is not to say
that I can't be seized by love

It happened to this silly bear
once upon a long long time ago
I saw her and I was smitten,
by gol, I remain still smote today

I think it was her lovely smile
but her svelt body wasn't shabby
then I struck up a conversation
and found out that she was bright

What more could a dumb bear ask
than to hook up with such a lovely
he's more than lucky that he knows
to be wed to such a classy lady

I loved her then, I love her now
this bear who eschews obsession
but just in this one special case
I confess to an endless addiction

Me and my MiMi; Summer of '67.

The mutual obsession began 7 years earlier. It's still active.

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