Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Dreamin’ of Woman

It’s pure goddamn misery
out here riding the range
eatin’ trail-herd dust clouds
day dreamin’ 'bout strange

Long corn silk blonde tresses,
clear eyes, brightest blue;
one dazzling sweet smile
makes all lies ring true

A deep soft feather bed
plump pillows of down
instead of this bedroll
laid out on cold ground

Day dreams and night dreams
keep this lone drover sane
on the trail movin' beeves
across the nation’s vast plain

Dreamin’ of a sweet woman
that’s no trail hand joke
‘cause when the drive is done
there'll be bucks in my poke

I'll wine her and dine her
bedeck her in fine silks
with rings for her fingers
then I'll have her foe mine

It's dreams such as this,
a cowpoke's lonely game,
passin' time on the trail
keepin' mind fairly sane

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