Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Bastards are asking us to rescue them


Who gets to pay?
Why, you, of course,
and you and you and you
it won’t be the other guy
it’s gonna be you and you

How will we pay?
With purchases we make
each and every single day
with dollars from our Treasury
with ink that’s not yet dry

Why me you ask?
Because you are the
little bitty guy who has
the nickels and the dimes
that big guys need for bailout

Where will this end?
I doubt it ever will, I say
it’s life, it’s each-every day
it’s how we live, what we ask for
when we let thieves sell us fake value

What should I do?
Will my world end?
Should I jump out a window?
I sure don’t know the answer
but, I suggest we'll find another day

So muddle on you muddler
vote all the nasty bastards out
send the rotten crooks off to jail
start once again and try to get it right
write some rules and this time hire a cop

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