Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Da Mudbug

Tinkin’ ‘Bout High Office

Da Mudbug sittin’ here tinkin’ ‘bout big time politics. Maybee runnin’ fo’ President or at leas’ fo’ da Vice-President. Seems dat havin’ ‘bout no experience has become da major qualification fo’ high office an’ da Mudbug sure qualify on dat account. Except fo’ a single term on da Pigeonairre town council he ain’ had no time in politics. Mudbug’s kinda like dat ‘bama guy or dat Palen woman; he got juss ‘bout no qualification. O’ course dem two amateurs got demselves dem ol’ timers Biden an’ McCain to shore ‘em up or tear ‘em down as da case may be.

Tinkin’ it ova, da Mudbug betta stay ‘way from seekin’ high office. Could-might take away from relaxin’ wit a col’ one or from da weekend fais down to Dupree’s place.

Betta just stayin’ here in da bayou country. Dat’s what I figger, me.

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