Sunday, November 9, 2008

Times they are a changing

On Neo-Con Hubris
And Liberal Passivity
Finally Giving Way To
Some Common Sense

Bomb the bastards,
keep ‘em in their place;
send ‘em back to the stone age
that’s where they belong

Oh no, they are our brothers
they are our sisters
we must all get along
there cannot be another way

Whoa, we’re in this world together
our differences may be legitimate
just keep in mind that we are mankind;
think, weigh options, then do what must be done

Wait, think a bit, weigh options, then act
it’s what we should do -no, it’s what we must do;
each of life’s challenges must be addressed of itself
or we will fracture fracticly or even worse –chaoticly

Perhaps there is a simple anodyne
a soothing for the anguished soul
a relief for the sore hurt mind
could be, it’s thinking - acting - for the commonweal

Maybe we’re off in
that direction
I hope so, I think so,
et vous?

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