Saturday, November 29, 2008


Life On The Road

My old pick up truck
has seen lost lonesome days
the same can be said of me
and my old horse in the trailer

We got dings, we got bumps,
we got nasty rust spots
clear testament, true fact,
that we've been sore used

Our paint, skin, and hide
has been flayed by time
our bitter scorned hearts
froze out by blue Northers.

We've traveled this land
on hump back old roads
we've been out on life's
fast four lane highways

That truck, horse, and me
we got life’s ragged scars
from tough times we lived
from rough roads we wandered

But it sure does not matter
the hard times we've known
because we’ll still slog on
standin’ up to hard turns

My spavined roan horse
back in that junk trailer
shoulda been pastured out
enjoyin' life's last easy time

Me, I'll just keep on haulin'
that poor critter back there
like me, he's a sad ghost
of our long gone glory days.

Not much to holds up
my time faded blue denims
there won't be another
champion’s belt buckle.

We'll keep movin', shufflin' on,
there ain't a thing else to do
while we live and we breathe
we'll go down the road together

We'll wander around,
movin hither then yon
me and that horse and
my old ragged truck

We'll roll that old truck
until our time is done
then fade from earth, knowin'
that we were the best in our day

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