Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hear the cry

of the little guy, and his millions of brothers, millions of sisters.

They’re Fuckin’ With Us

They’re fuckin’ with us
on Wall Street
grabbin’ the bucks
wishin’ us luck

They’re fuckin’ with us
in Washington
flat out lies
ignoring plantive cries

They’re fuckin’ with us
in Detroit
still buildin’ mastedons
askin’ for billions

They’re fuckin’ with us
forgettin' mainstreet
hiding their gains
inflicting pains

Stop fuckin’ with us
you pricks
listen, we shout,
Goddammit, cut it out

Politicians and Plutocrats, hear, heed
we're 'muricans, once we tossed out the King
we just might toss you too
before we're through

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