Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Time Has Come for:


Today harks back
to yesteryear
when workers said
we’ve had enough

Enough of Fat cats
sitting on their asses
while workers
get the shaft

Enough of bailed out bankers
enough of parachuted executives
enough of those who screwed the system
leaving workers to hold the bag

Holding a bag that is now near empty
a bag where nothing much is left
except perhaps the awful misery
and scraps overlooked by hotshots

So what are you to ask?
What do you deserve?
And how are you to get the fruit?
of toil with brains and hands

I’d suggest the past as prolouge
so look back to the days gone by
it’s time again that workers band together
to demand all of what they must demand

A decent paycheck for their labor
that food will grace their table
that a roof secures their families sleep
last, not least, worker’s dignity

It isn’t much to ask
for their shoulders to the wheel
no, not much to ask at all
for work that builds, sustains a Nation

It ain’t all about the rich guy
it ain’t all about the privileged
it’s time to look toward Main Street
and the hands and minds of workers

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