Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gator hide

On Lovemaking in Winter *

Winter brings on gator’s skin
antithesis to thoughts of sin
love is lost to dermis dry
so slather up, do it, emulsify

I wish to pet on a soft place
not rough sandpaper surface
your skin should be nice and slick
use a soothing balm to do the trick

Alligator hide I would not choose
when I can have you pink and smooth
to climb in bed with down-filled cover
where we can kiss and pet each other

Please baby, soften up that skin
encourage now my thoughts of sin
get rid of ‘gator hide so rough
and nasty patches in the buff

‘cause I hate dermis cracked and red
rough to the touch, a thing I dread
if you would have me as your lover
then lubricate your skin all over

Indeed, when winter makes you dry
slather up, dang-it, please, emulsify
remember that that dry gator skin
is antithesis to thoughts/dreams of sin

* alternate title: The Scourge Of Forced Hot Air

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