Sunday, January 11, 2009

# One an' Dat Ain' Good

Da State O’ Da State O' LA

Dere was a story in da Times-Picayune dis mornin’ ‘bout what States is da unhealthiest. Louisiana da winna again, seem we da mos’ unhealthy State in da union.

Dat stuff ‘bout Louisiana bein’ bad fo’ folk’s health got me to tinkin’. Wonderin’ if it’s alla dem chemical plants an’ refineries on da River road dat’s causin’ da problem. Dey call dat strip from N’Awlins up past Baton Rouge cancer alley, an’ I say dat’s about right. But, if it’s dat cancer alley what is da root o’ da problem den I’m a bit relieved. We can clean up dat mess if we got da will.

It could-might be da Cajun cookin’ dat's puttin’ da State up to number one in unhealthy. Could-might find out dat brown roux an' andouile sausage an pulled pig an all o' our Bayou country vittles is unhealthy. Dat wouldn’t be good, no.

Could be a disasta. I'm worried, me.


Mary Deal said...

# One sounds much akin to Hawaiian pigeon English. LOL

GC SMITH said...

It's Cajun patois.