Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You asked?

The Reason Why

I think I know.

You don’t, oh no.

I’m sure I do.

Un-uh, not you.

You’re sure I don’t?

As sure can be.

But why not me?

‘cause you can’t see.

But I can hear.

Oh no my dear.

It’s all so clear.

To your tin ear?

I’ll know through taste.

Now there's a waste.

No, I can lick.

Won’t do the trick.

But I can smell.

I say like hell.

Yeah, I’ll sniff.

Catch not a whiff.

My sense of feel.

Is far from real.

But if I touch.

That wont be much.

Why not I cry?

You don’t know why?

I’ve not a clue?

You’re dumb, that’s you.

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