Monday, October 28, 2013


My Carolina Lowcountry

Bald eagles and Ospreys soar over my beloved estuarine marshes,
shrimp and crab and all manner of fish populate the saltwater;
spartina grass changes with seasons much as northern hardwoods do.
It is a wonderland in which I live and draw my soul's sustenance.

Cruise ships, yachts, and pusher boats front loaded with huge barges
ply the intracoastal waterway the runs from Maine to Texas and
pass by my backyard and the tidal creek that allows me access
to that water that can take me to a thousand boating destinations.

Tides come- tides go, regular heartbeats, controlled by the moon's pull.
At the dock's pier head I throw my cast net to get shrimp for my supper
or to catch silvery mullet fry to use as bait for my fishing excursions.
I bring home treasures;redfish, flounder, grouper, now and then a shark

Oh, I've been to Connemara, 
I've seen to Donegal's wild coast, 
and of course, "Dublin's fair city." 

I've been to London town;
I've gone to Paris France:
saw David in Florence and 
Rome's ruins -- Pompey's ghosts.

I've traveled here and there, 
To see wonders that the world offers; and,
as Johnny sang, "I've been everywhere, man."

I don't put those places down but 
for me there just ain't no place like home

Summer has has ended now and winter’s bite is next;
then spring when tree buds swell, brown grass greens as summer comes on. 

Whatever the attraction no other place exists where I could live.

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