Friday, November 1, 2013


They Walk The Night

Beware the night, when darkness hides
the Hags, the Hants, the Ghosts, and 
yes my dears, Plat Eyes, Boo-Daddies;
the fearsome five from depths of hell

Lowcountry dark is eerie, spooky;
pale moonlight filters strange shadows
through the Spanish moss that seems like 
putrid flesh sloughed from ancient skulls 

Beware, the night when darkness hides, 
the fearsome five that walk upon earth;
quake in fear behind painted portals, 
pray that your Gods ward off the spirits

Lowcountry Gullah legend warns us 
it is wise to stay behind locked doors;
blue painted portals will protect, but 
do not be certain, rather, be afraid

Creatures come to take the little babies 
and bring them to their chilling lairs;
specters lick lips through vile rictus 
and bear their fangs before they feast

Blood they seek; blood they need;
blood to satisfy their undead lusts:
ghouls find their feast in flesh,
so guard your babies with your lives

Spooks may find breaches in a portal
to slither through and find their food;
pray that you're safely locked within,
pray for the children, pray for yourselves

The Gullah-Geechee life is cruel,
hard scrabble times the lot of most,
and now comes the fear of creatures foul
who would terrorize Lowcountry night

Tomorrow is another day, when light returns
and daylight promises that terror will subside;
that is that the morrow will find you safe and yet alive
Still, beware the night, when darkness hides those five

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