Monday, November 4, 2013

Martini anyone?

Nasty Day

Gloom is on the marsh today
the sky is spitting ice cold rain
trees turned to shades of grey
beneath the pewtered clouds

I think I'll light the fireplace
and curl up with a good book
I'll cover myself with an afghan
to keep me from the cold

It's nasty and it's mean outside
but I, for one, will be staying in
I'll not see sun pass the yardarm
to say it's time to pour the gin

So, I'll mix me a dirty, dry Martini
pour it into a classic stemmed glass
And if you dare tell me I must  wait
I’ll simply tell you to kiss my ass

So go on, go and mind your business
'cause, as for me,  I will not listen
I'm gonna do what I want to do
on this shitty cold wet autumn day

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