Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Let's all sing, like ...

Things With Wings
by GC


Stand still on beating wings
above the crimson petals
dip to the flower's heart
and drink sustaining nectar
of life, of strength, of freedom


Out over the marsh
an osprey dives steeply:
outstretched talons
slap into the stream

Blue sky is regained
with carried mullet,
bitty baby birdie food
taken to the nest

Outstretched beaks
clamor for lunch
brought by Poppa
for Moms hungry brood

Now, babies grown,
the ospreys depart
for Brazilian waters
and winter's warmth

Come spring
the ospreys return
to familiar nests
and new families

Mom and Pop
nurture new nestlings
in a remembered home
on the salt marsh piling

Painted Bunting

Like Joseph's,
yours is a coat
of many colors
that makes your lady
green with envy.


Crimson brilliance
hides your feisty nature,
you who delight in
crowding other
feathered friends
from the feeder;
and, oh yeah,
while I'm bitchin',
your gal is less than
delighted with her drab coat.

Snowy Egret

Craak, craak, craak
,that guttural complaint
issued as you fight
with your
blue heron brother
over a tiny
silver fish
puts lie
to your
pure white plumage
and elegant bearing

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