Wednesday, July 2, 2008

For Independence Day -A Rememberance

America in 26 Letters and 260 Words
Gerard C. Smith

America is our nation and it is at war. This Beautiful land was attacked by perverts on September 11, 2001. But the peoples of America are Courageous and we will right this wrong. In this free and Democratic nation terror cannot hold sway. This is a new Era. We are Fierce in our determination to rid the world of terrorists.

We are Generous in understanding that Islam is not the root of terror but rather those roots are found in the perversion of Islam by barbarians. We remain High minded in honoring the principles that made this nation great even while waging war against the cowards who attacked our nation and murdered our citizens.

We are one nation, Indivisible. We are Judicious; we seek to harm no innocent as we rip terrorism from this earth. We will strive to remain Kind and Loving and Magnanimous with all of the nations of this planet while we relentlessly pursue the disciples of evil.

To some, America is New and Ostentatious and Proud and Quarrelsome and yes, even self Righteous. But despite those perceptions we are Steadfast in our essential decency. And we will be Terrible in delivering our swift sword in the war against terror. For now we are United in our resolve. This nation of Varied peoples from the four corners of the earth has come together in Wondrous resolve that is free of Xenophobic bluster. We are a Young nation in the history of our world but we are Zealous in our resolve and we shall prevail.

God bless America.

I wrote this a few days after 9-11-2001. Maybe it holds up. Maybe not. I added the following with three words.

Now years later I’m not sure what we as a Nation should be seeking. Maybe Vengeance? Maybe Retribution ? Maybe Justice? Perhaps the three are intertwined. But Iraq was never the right place for the looking. We should have concentrated on Afghanistan. Perhaps that unfinished job would be behind us.

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