Sunday, July 6, 2008

Two Poems

a new one:

A No Story History

A self made man is never made by self
but pushed and prodded to become that one,
that individual, the product of those who came before

A self made man is the hodgepodge
of inherited genes, of living history, of his culture
and, oh yes, shaped by happenstance and chance

A self made man may think himself unique
but likely shun the mirror image that reflects
all the shaping of men who came from times before

A self made man does not reflect, nor genuflect
in homage to the history that backs his being
but rather pounds his chest like a Silverback gorilla

So, could I tell a story about the bits and pieces of a life
that is the sum and substance of the past and the present;
no, for I think that would take the self made man I’m not

and an old one:

Pennsylvania Coal Region
Age 12, Circa 1950
By GC Smith

The chill of winter
The warmth of bread and soup

Seeing icicles depending from the roofline
Wondering if they’d fall and pierce my heart

Peddling newspapers in sub-freezing winter
Thawing frozen fingers under cold running water

Hearing the sizzle of my wet gloves
Tossed on the coalstove surface to dry

Smelling room filling aroma of chicken soup
Simmering with tiny bubbles for many hours

Tasting the hot broth full with vegs and noodles
Tearing warm crusty bread and dipping it in the liquid

Dark settling early on winter's night
Blankets piled high, sleeping contentedly

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