Thursday, July 3, 2008

Holiday Repast

A Seafood Boil

You, my frien,' you got straw hat fo' to keep da sun away. Dat ain' too dumb. 'Specially you gonna sit out in dat little boat all the day. I's a waitin' back here on da shore for you to come in wit the fish and da crab. Den we pluck fresh onions and corn and 'taters from da garden and we cook us a boil. I can smell dem spices a roilin' in da pot already. An' dat slice smoke sausage. Mouth waterin' tinkin' 'bout them crabs and dat string o' fish you gonna bring back from da sea. Sun getting low in da sky now and shadow grow long. It now time for you to get on back here, pull da boat up on the sand, and drink a cold beer or three wit me while we wait for the cookin' to be done. Crank up yo liddle outboard 'n get on back here now. We have us a party.

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