Monday, October 27, 2008

On Billy Collins refusing to read a WCW poem on plums

I never …

I never wrote a poem
about a plum
until just now
moments after
I ate one and its
juices dribbled
down my chin
to drip upon
my shirt

screw you
Billy Collins
who won’t read
a poem about a plum,
your loss, not mine


martin heavisides said...

The Williams poem is good too. What was Billy Collins' problem.

GC SMITH said...

I dunno what was Billy's problem. I saw on our Sunday poetry prompt that Billy refused to read any poem with "plum' in it. Research led me to WCW's plum poem so I surmised that's what set Collins off.

martin heavisides said...

Odd. that one and the 'little red wheelbarrow' are my favourite Williams poems.

GC SMITH said...

See my correction above.