Monday, October 27, 2008

Rules, rules. ...

impunity rules

seemingly, one can't rite
poetry, with &(s) or an :)
can you tell me why that should be?

is it perhaps 'cause Laureates
always become Bureaucrats
with rules to tax creativity

you can’t do this -you must do that
baloney, that’s how I react
to nonsense from you, didact

billy, teddy, such ones as you
don’t tell me what I can do
‘cause I ain’t about to listen

so, much like good old e e
my posey will be forth-cummings
with nary an apostrophe

i’ll pen my strophes
with my own strokes
paying no mind to your dictums

i'll break your rules
i'll throw them out
'cause that's what stuff is about

it's mine, it's mine
is what I say
you can't tell me the way

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