Monday, June 16, 2008


I Never Finished Our Conversation

We spent many years together
Starting on the day I was born
I was his kid, he was my Dad
From him so much did I learn

We talked a lot of many things
Good stuff of life and the bad
Of how a man should spend life
And choices for right or wrong

Sure, my father wasn't a genius
But he had much wisdom in him
Mostly uncommonly common stuff
Stuff passed to me in our talks

He taught me that small minded people
Usually do not have a clue about life
But are quick to condemn other folks
While declaiming their superior wisdom

When days were dark and nights long
I'd go back to wise words from my Dad
Wisdom that always stood me in good stead
And bucked me up when things looked grim

We never finished our conversations
That began when I was just a kid
I was about a thousand miles away
When he closed wise eyes and died

Still there's plenty of Dad stayed with me
Though it's sad that we won't speak again
His words linger in my mind forever
I've tried to pass them to my kids

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