Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Someone has to live it.

Good Things

Hey babe, it's waking each and every day
to sunlight on dew damp salt marsh grasses
or the pattering of the rain on a metal roof
and knowing that another day begins

Out there on the marsh
a lonely great white egret
fishes for its breakfast
while you still sleep

I think of nudging you awake,
but, no, I let you sleep some more
as I lay smiling about this new day
that once again we'll share

Long enough now, it's time, wake up;
I reach out and touch your shoulder,
watch as you smile and say to me
'mornin' darlin', as you always do

I give you a little mornin' kiss,
get one in return to start the day;
I'd say that's a grand way to begin
each and every morning of our lives

I sit at the porch table with you now
having morning coffee as daylight brightens,
and we watch wood ducks land on the creek
and ride toward us on the incoming tide

Today we'll goodie pack an ice chest,
drop the boat from lift to water, and
head off up the waterway to Charleston
on an adventure to see what we can see

It's stuff like this that I find so good;
it's knowing that we live a life fulfilled
with all the love that we share each day;
yeah babe, it's little things that bring us much

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