Sunday, June 1, 2008


Our Heros, Our Heriones

I don’t care who is rich or famous
I couldn’t give a tinker’s damn
about tabloids at the supermarket
geared to titillate our simple minds

Sexy sluts from good old tinsel town
adopting kids from the third world
that gets them applause for altruism
but more than likely it’s just bullshit

Politicians posture, preen before us
with promises we’ve all heard before
health care along with full dinner pails
but more than likely it’s more bullshit

Priests and preachers let us have it
shout down at us for our sinful lives
but more than likely it’s more bullshit
to cover up for their cold feet of clay

So, what about these famous people
with their steady streams of bullshit
should we believe the pap they feed us
or should their bullshit be ignored

We can use the supermarket tabloids
perhaps they’re best for wrapping fish
but bullshit ink may bleed and poison
and lay us six feet below hard ground

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