Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Da New Year

Bon’ Annee

Da New Year rolled in an’ I’m kickin’ back an’ relaxin’ today. Dat’s da only way after da big party New Year’s eve down to Dupree’s place an’ alla dat getting’ together wit friens’ on da firs' day o' da year fo’ da traditional Hoppin’ John an collards. (We et some Jambalaya too.)

Was a big year dat 2007. Wasn’t no hurricane come tru da Bayou country. Me an’ da beauteous Colleen got us together. We got us a coupla good contracts to restore some ol’ ante-bellum Plantation houses an’ we made us made beaucoup bucks. We got Colleen’s cousin Knuckles outta Angola, even if he did haf’ to go back fo’ a day an’ ride in da prison rodeo. An’ we had good ol’ times dancin’ an’ socializin’ every Friday and Saddurday nite down to Dupree’s place. Lotsa pig roasts, crawfish boils, etoufee cookoffs , an’ odder good times. Tipped our share o’ col’ ones togetha, we did.

Fadda LeBlanc is suggesstin’ hard dat Coleen an’ me tie da knot in 2008 an’ we juss might do dat. We gonna tink hard on it. Meantime, I’m kickin’ back an’ waitin’ fo’ nex Monday. LSU gonna whup Ohio good an’ soun’.

Dat’s what I say, me.

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