Friday, January 4, 2008

More on da Mota-cycle

Ain’ Gonna Happen

TT say he ain’ gonna let me test drive his mota-cycle. He says he rememba da las’ time I tried out a fo’ sale bike. Bugga kicked out when I twisted da throttle. Me an’ dat mota-cycle got us dumped in da Bayou. TT’s sayin’ dere’s no way in heaven he gonna let dat happen wit his mota-bike.

If he ain gonna let me try out da machine den dere ain’ no way he gonna sell it to me. I doan neva buy no pig in da poke.

Good ting is I won’t be havin’ no argument wit my Sweetie. An’ dat’s as best as it can be.


Marcel said...

Smiffy! Tanks for the pork post on Bird & Buff. We depreciates it.

GC SMITH said...

Youse is welcome.