Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Texas folk

Change of Fortune

I cranked up my old Ford 150 and hauled ass out of Waco. Hadda go. She was getting nasty. Demanding stuff. Threatening to get her brother, the bad ass Deputy Sheriff, on me. Hell, I didn’t have two nickels to rub together and she’s demanding money from me. Ain’t like we ever had a kid. I don’t owe the bitch a thing.

Whoa dawg, who’s that standing on the shoulder wavin’ her hands. Oweee, fine lookin’ woman. Looks like she got some trouble with that shiny maroon Caddy she’s standin’ next to. Better pull over and see if I can help her.

Been with her a week now and I ain’t never had it so good. Parked my whiskey bumped old pickup in her barn and I’m using the Caddy. She’s footing the bills. New clothes, best restaurants, her soft bed, and damn, having her. Oh, sweet. I’m up in hog heaven. Too bad her husband will be coming home tonight.

I picked up a new spade at the Tru-Value this afternoon. It’s in the Caddy’s trunk. Tomorrow’s time enough.

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