Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gone, never to ...

Where Have They Gone

Cisco and Pancho,
Roy and Gabby,
Batman and Robin,
images, yet near real

John's and Martin's dreams,
Harry's buck stops here,
FDR and Winston's guts;
these were the real men.

Where have the heroes gone?
It's been so very long since
we could look up and see
the men who cared and did.

Now polls and opinions
drive the would be men
whose small and venal ways
would squander our birthright.

Will we ever meet them again?
Will there ever be successors
to history's roll call of real men
who thought and fought for right?

Perhaps we'll see a day
when light shines brightly
illuminating a man or men
who are worthy of our trust

So I'll end this with the cliché
that man's hope springs eternal
and I'll say we're lucky that it's so
or we'd have nothing but despair.


surabaya said...

This is a terrific poem, Gerry. Do they still make heroes? Do they walk among us, unrecognized?
Maybe the world is waiting for a woman!

GC SMITH said...

Perhaps. Thank you.

Martin Heavisides said...

Or as a graffitti I read once said, in a desolate outdoor gas station washroom on a bleak winter day up north (still a good way south of the tree line) "There's always despair to fall back on." The other we have to work at.

GC SMITH said...

Got that right.